Yankees Fans Chanted 'F Trae Young' For Some Reason

Atlanta Hawks v New York Knicks
Atlanta Hawks v New York Knicks / Michelle Farsi/GettyImages

The New York Yankees have the best record in baseball right now. After a 2-0 win over the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday, they sit at 31-13, 4.5 games up on the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League East. The Yankees are so good right now that the fans don't really have any baseball-related stuff to complain about. So during their latest victory fans simply chanted "f--k Trae Young."

Keep in mind Trae Young and the Hawks were eliminated from the playoffs by the Heat a month ago. The Knicks' season ended a month and a half ago when the regular season ended. And it's a been a full two months since Trae Young was seen scoring 45 in a loss at Madison Square Garden.

Trae Young must live in the minds of New Yorkers like that bing-bong sound they briefly pretended was a rallying cry.