Yankees' Comedy of Baserunning Errors Cost Them Against Mariners

Liam McKeone
Yankees / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Last night, the New York Yankees lost in extra innings to the Seattle Mariners by the score of 1-0. It is unusual to see a game go into extras and end with only one run scored after the new rules installed a few years ago allow for both teams to start the extra frames with a runner on second during the regular season. However, the Yankees proved that even a free man on second isn't enough to win if the players suddenly lose their minds on the basepaths.

As evidenced below, New York put on a comedy show of errors that eliminated any advantage granted to them by these rules and it probably cost them the game. As a bonus, the video includes an attempted Aaron Judge steal with two outs in the seventh of a scoreless game, for some reason.

Legitimately impressive to have two guys get caught in a rundown in two of three possible innings in the exact same position. The liner to second that led to a force out was more bad luck than poor baserunning but everything else was tough to watch.

This hasn't been a common theme of the Yankees' season thus far so there's no reason to think it's a problem that needs solving before the playoffs arrive. Watching the tape today will not be fun for everybody involved, though.