Aaron Judge Finally Stands Next to Someone His Own Height


Aaron Judge has stood next to Jose Altuve a few times and each occurrence has been dutifully documented by photographers and people on their couch who correctly deduce that the New York Yankees slugger is taller than the Houston Astros star. Even contrarians who put in the added effort of doing their research have priors confirmed.

Judge stood next to someone else yesterday in a blowout victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates: shortstop Oneil Cruz. Who is also 6-foot-7. It was the first time someone has ever been able to look Judge in the eye around the bag.

Together the look like a pair of wings watching someone shoot technical free throws during March Madness. History made and appreciated.

In addition to being an impressively tall drink of water, Cruz boasts a skillset that could ultimately land him on All-Star teams. Meaning he'll have more opportunities to stand next to Judge.

The future of baseball is bright and affixed way up in the clouds.