Brian Cashman Explains Basics of Contract Negotiations When Asked About Aaron Judge Extension

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Aaron Judge is entering the final year of his contract with the New York Yankees this season. There has been nary a word from team or player about the possibility of an extension getting done before Opening Day in April, but then again there hasn't been much time for that sort of thing what with the lockout shutting down business for a few months there.

Judge's last few seasons haven't been top-tier, superstar-level stuff but he's still an extremely dangerous bat that many teams would love to have. As the team's best homegrown talent in a long time (maybe since Derek Jeter), the Yankees undoubtedly have great interest in retaining his services past this year.

GM Brian Cashman was asked about it during spring training today, and instead of giving an actual answer with depth or substance, Cashman explained the basics of contract negotiations to the assembled media members.

Yep. That is definitely how that works. Cashman told no lies.

It's too optimistic to expect the Yankees' top decision-maker to give any real insight into how the team plans to approach negotiations. But usually Cashman and others like him get a little more creative with the word salad than literally breaking down the basics of how it works.

We'll find out in a month what happens. Cashman won't be giving out hints in the meantime.