Yadier Molina Signed the Base Kolten Wong Stole From Him

Stephen Douglas
Kolten Wong taking second base.
Kolten Wong taking second base. / Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Kolten Wong spent the first eight seasons of his MLB career with the St. Louis Cardinals. In that time he stole 88 bases and got to watch one of the greatest defensive catchers in baseball history from his spot at second base. On Wednesday night as Wong and the Milwaukee Brewers faced the Cardinals in St. Louis, Wong stole second off his former teammate. What followed that is one of those beautiful moments where the results (Brewers 6, Cardinals 4) don't matter, but the people playing the game do.

First, Wong is elated to have stolen a base off Molina. And Molina can't hide his amusement either. He knows a friend got him and the two share a laugh from opposite ends of the diamond. Then Wong says he's going to take the base, which he does end up doing. As he walked to the locker room after the game, carrying the base, he says, "Yadi, this is mine!" Molina later signed the base, which Wong will rightfully display in his home.

The only problem with this beautful moment for MLB is that this might become a thing. Remember when all the NFL and NBA players started swapping jerseys? If baseball players start taking the bases everytime they get the better of a catcher, MLB is going to have a problem.