Yadier Molina Dares Baserunner to Steal, Throws Him out

Yadier Molina, Washington Nationals v St. Louis Cardinals
Yadier Molina, Washington Nationals v St. Louis Cardinals / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Yadier Molina may be 38, but he can still hose a runner when he wants to. On Sunday, he was up to his old tricks behind the plate for the St. Louis Cardinals. Molina had a bit of a back-and-forth with Houston Astros outfielder Jose Siri, that led to the veteran catcher daring the 25-year-old steal on him, then throwing him out by a mile.

Here's the throw:

Molina hosed the kid off a changeup and it wasn't even close.

You can see afterwards the nine-time Gold Glove winner sort of stares down Siri looking for acknowledgement, and there's a backstory there. Luckily, the great Jomboy is on the case with a breakdown:

First off, it's pretty crazy that Molina was still catching in the seventh inning of a spring training game. Second, why would you ever call down the thunder from Molina? That's like telling Nolan Arenado he'll never get you out on a routine grounder. Of course this was going to end the way it did.

A nine-time MLB All-Star, Molina can still get it down behind the dish.