XFL Thinking About Using These Terrible-Looking Footballs


The start of the XFL 2.0 is less than a year away and everyone has an opinion about its long term fate. While that talk should continue in the days and weeks ahead, we must take a moment to address the upcoming league’s latest revelation. In an exercise to distinguish themselves, the XFL is testing these terrible-looking footballs to use in its revival:

Enough can’t be said for how bland and flat-out ugly these are. The XFL has a chance to really show off some cool footballs like the ones you can buy under the “Shopping” tab on Google. There are black ones, blue ones, green ones, red ones, different color ones, and even ones with some really detailed writing (just insert the XFL logo). None of that was applied to this showing. They instead are thinking about using two worse shades of the overused brown with something looking like a starfish on each end.

It goes without saying these would be a significant downgrade from the interesting, better than the NFL’s, yet not great balls they used the first time around.

Maybe these football are going to feel different and have an impact on the field. That seems to be what they are testing based on the tweet. But looks come first. If they go with these, this will be the worst design decision since WWE Raw elected to change the look of its third hour. How could that be?