XFL Team Names and Logos Revealed and the Old Names Were Better

Brian Giuffra

The XFL is hitting the restart button beginning in February 2020. But for all of those people out there who can’t wait to see who they should root for, and what they’ll be chanting at games, the XFL did us all the favor of releasing the team names and logos for all eight of the teams that will do battle this coming year.

In case you can’t read the writing, the team names are:

Dallas Renegades
DC Defenders
Houston Roughnecks
Los Angeles Wildcats
New York Guardians
Seattle Dragons
St. Louis BattleHawks
Tampa Bay Vipers

While the Houston Roughnecks get credit for creativity (roughneck is a term for people who work on an oil rig), Seattle Dragons and St. Louis BattleHawks (don’t forget to capitalize the H) get the nod for originality. Though, “Let’s go BattleHawks” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

What happened to the old names: New York/New Jersey Hitmen, Orlando Rage, Las Vegas Outlaws, Los Angeles Xtreme? Now those have a specific focus.

Ah well, just have to go with the Renegades to get my bad boy fix in February.