XFL Fans Come Together to Construct World's Greatest Beer Snake

Look at that beer snake.
Look at that beer snake. /

Week 2 of the XFL 2.0 dove headfirst into the deep end of the content pool. The first game of the weekend, the DC Defenders' 27-0 win over the New York Guardians, featured a sideline interview where a player was asked about the hottest topic on the internet this week - if you should recline on an airplane.

Not to be outdone, fans constructed what might be the longest beer snake in history of beer snakes.

Anyone who owns a stadium would be wise to turn this into a promotion to encourage fans to pick up their empty cups. If we could only engineer other trash to slightly resemble the shapes of other animals. Turn those cardboard trays into elephants. Discarded cotton candy porcupines. Empty popcorn bucket giraffes. Go crazy and recycle in style.