XFL Defender Caught on Live TV Saying, 'Get Landry Jones the F*** Outta Here'

Ryan Phillips
Houston Roughnecks vs Dallas Renegades
Houston Roughnecks vs Dallas Renegades / XFL/Getty Images

The XFL continues to stay uncensored. On Sunday, a defender for the Houston Roughnecks was caught dropping an f-bomb directly to the camera on live TV.

Roughnecks defender Charles James II came to the sideline with his teammates after Dallas Renegades quarterback Landry Jones had thrown his third interception of the first-half. As he celebrated with his teammates, he turned to the camera and said, "Get Landry Jones the f*** outta here!"

Check it out, it be warned it is NSFW:


If the name Charles James II sounds familiar, it's because he was a fan-favorite from the 2015 season of Hard Knocks when he was with the Houston Texans.