Wycombe Manager Gareth Ainsworth Is a Style Icon

James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images

Wycombe is currently giving Tottenham all it wants in the FA Cup. Through 69 minutes of play, things are knotted 1-1. That's a very nice showing for a club in the Championship, and a great showing for one that sits in the cellar of the table. They certainly don't look like a side that's won only three of their last 23 matches in league play.

UPDATE: The dream is dead. Tottenham scored two goals in 90 seconds.

The true breakout star today, though, isn't wearing a kit. He's wearing a motorcycle jacket and tramping around like some of Bizarro World version of Scott Stapp. We're talking about Wycombe manager Gareth Ainsworth. Feast your eyes upon this specimen.

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In the pantheon of wise sartorial choices, procuring this jacket resides near the top.

A journeyman midfielder, Ainsworth traversed the United Kingdom in the 1990s, playing for everyone from Cambridge United to Wimbledon. He kept himself fit deep into his 30s and 40s and suited up for Wycombe over an eight-year stretch when needed. Last year, at age 47, he scored two goals in three appearances with Woodley.

And yeah, you don't need confirmation on this, but he sings in a rock band.

Imagine this guy coaching in the NFL. Or wearing a baseball uniform. He'd be a reverse Ted Lasso who used to tour with the Black Crowes. Want it. Need it.

Respect for our newfound icon.