WWE Shocked the World With Brock Lesnar Defeating Roman Reigns; What Does It Mean?


In one of the most shocking results in recent memory in the WWE, Brock Lesnar brutally defeated Roman Reigns to continue his year-long title run. This has been a match planned for over a year to be the coronation of Reigns as the new “face of the company.”

It may have been impossible to find someone who thought this match would be won by Lesnar. It became even more apparent when Dana White confirmed the rumors that Lesnar is indeed returning to the UFC.

It is hard to come up with any reason why WWE would pull this massive plot twist after finally building up Reigns so well over the past month. Other than the WWE wanting to take advantage of the element of surprise, this doesn’t make much sense.

There are now a ton of questions that need to be answered: Is Lesnar still going to the UFC? Is Reigns still WWE’s top guy? Where does the storyline go from here?

But in the world of professional wrestling, it is better to have compelling questions than none at all.

Here is a look at the malicious beating Reigns took from Lesnar: