WWE's Sin Cara Has Now Reportedly Been In Multiple Backstage Fights

Ryan Glasspiegel

Sin Cara and Simon Gotch got in a backstage fight at the catering table before WWE’s draft in Worcester, according to a report from PW Insider. There are presently scant details beyond the fact that it happened, but the existence of the scrap was confirmed by wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer.

Sin Cara was drafted to Raw, while Gotch’s tag-team, the Vaudevillains, was selected to Smackdown. Therefore, they won’t be in contact with each other too much in the foreseeable future.

A couple years ago, Sin Cara reportedly got the better of Sheamus in a backstage fight at the trainer’s table. The former pro wrestler Konnan detailed:

"According to Konnan, a few days later in the trainer’s arena, Sheamus walked by Sin Cara, who was lying on the bed, and made a remark saying he was more important than him. He told him to get off, and that he needed to be attended to. After getting up and “calling him out,” Konnan said that Sheamus threw the first punch and then had his legs swept by Sin Cara, while getting punched seconds later."

Presumably, more details will trickle out about the apparent fight between Gotch and Sin Cara over the coming week.