WWE's Kevin Owens 'challenges' Elton John to Match at WrestleMania

By Barry Werner

Kevin Owens is one bad and mad dude in the WWE ring. You do not mess with a Superstar who has 1.13M Twitter followers and you certainly do not disappoint his wife.

That’s why Owens has major heat with Elton John. Yes, Elton John.

Owens and his wife were among those in attendance Tuesday night in Orlando awaiting Sir Elton’s concert. It never happened.

Thirty minutes after the show was scheduled to go on, Amway Arena management let the crowd know the show was postponed due to the rocker’s ear infection.

They won’t meet at WrestleMania, but would anyone be shocked if the showman that Vince McMahon is tried to advantage and sought out Sir Elton to play at WWE’s biggest event in 2019?