WWE Network Stream Has Been Awful for SummerSlam

Ryan Glasspiegel

WWE is hosting its second biggest event of the year, SummerSlam, and the stream on WWE Network has been very aggravating. I can’t remember a night that it has ever been even in the vicinity of as bad on my laptop.

To be sure, there have been evenings where I’ve had to refresh a few times, but tonight was another level. Every couple minutes it would freeze and I’d have to re-open it. I’m also like 10 seconds behind everyone else on my mass text thread.

I tried multiple browsers and reset my router and no avail. Everything else online works fine for me. I eventually switched devices, and knock on wood it’s been fine since then, but it’s been a really frustrating process. A lot of other people have had similar issues.

WWE recently switched their streaming partnership from Disney’s BAMTech (formerly MLB Advance Media) to Endeavor, and perhaps that explains some of the issues they’ve been having. Hopefully this is the last time it’s this bad, because it was an unusable product on my computer tonight.