WWE Gender Reveal Party the Only Truly Good Gender Reveal Party

Liam McKeone
WWE Gender Reveal
WWE Gender Reveal /

The advent of the Internet age has brought us all the best and worst kind of content. Gender reveal parties somehow manage to embody both. It's supposed to be a joyful event but the convoluted ways in which people choose to unveil the gender of the baby have caused explosions and injuries and pretty much anything you can think of.

But this here gender reveal is the best you'll ever see. It's WWE-themed. Two "wrestlers" decked out in garb colored to the gender wrestle and the winner determines what the gender of the baby will be. It's honestly fantastic.

This is better than most gender reveal parties by the mere fact that nothing was set ablaze by the end or whatever other catastrophe we've all seen unfold during this stuff. Everyone is having fun. It's creative. These two are pretty good actors considering they're presumably amateurs.

This is the good content, folks.