Wrexham Pulled Off an Insane Comeback vs. Swindon

Wrexham /

Everybody's favorite FOURTH-tier English Football League team had a match on Saturday and it was an absolute doozy. Wrexham AFC kicked off its season last week and hosted Swindon today as everyone gets warmed up and playing high-level football again. Wrexham went down big early, falling behind 4-1 in the first half. But if Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds' squad has taught us anything, it's that Hollywood endings do actually happen in real life, so it would be silly to count Wrexham out.

Wrexham clawed its way back in the second half and managed to close the deficit to 5-3 after a goal in the 71st minute. But they appeared to run out of gas and entered extra time still down by two scores.

Then that Hollywood magic kicked in and Wrexham somehow scored twice in extra time to tie it all up. The Racecourse fans were rocking by the end. The announcers were in ecstacy. As they say: absolute scenes.

To illustrate just how ridiculous the whole match was, just look at this tweet listing out the 10 goals scored.

Wild stuff. McElhenney was watching along and summed it up pretty neatly.

Season 2 of Welcome To Wrexham should arrive this fall and it seems like Season 3 will get off to a banger start. Can't wait to watch.