WrestleMania 38 Smashed Social Media Records, Outperformed Super Bowl LVI

Kyle Koster

Last weekend's WrestleMania was the highest-grossing and most-attended in the company's history, and also set multiple records on social media, The Big Lead has learned. The two-day event notably eclipsed Super Bowl XLVI in impressions, video views, engagements and watch time. WrestleMania 38 featured several memorable moments, including the return of Cody Rhodes, Pat McAfee's matches with Austin Theory and Vince McMahon, and a heaping helping of Stone Cold Steve Austin. If it felt like everyone was talking about it online, the raw numbers back that up.

WWE drew 2.2 billion impressions and 1.1 billion video views across social platforms, up 10 percent and 47 percent respectively from last year's event. The 13 million hours of video consumption was a 29 percent jump from WrestleMania 37.

In February, the Sports Business Journal reported the NFL had smashed all-time social media marks with 1.8 billion impressions and  618 million video views, massive increases from the previous two Super Bowl weeks, as well as 78 million engagements. WrestleMania scored 87 million.

Your mileage may vary on the importance of social media successes, but they are certainly part of the equation when considering the full picture. It may come as a surprise that anything is outperforming the Super Bowl and it is a feather in the cap for the WWE, which now has proof that it's translating to social at an unprecedented rate.