Would DAZN Sanction a Logan Paul vs. Antonio Brown Fight?

Ryan Glasspiegel
Logan Paul and Antonio Brown
Logan Paul and Antonio Brown /

Logan Paul and Antonio Brown have been scrapping it up on Twitter this week. The tiff, if you can call it that, began when Paul went on Barstool's KFC Radio before Christmas and cited the mercurial wide receiver as his next desired celebrity boxing opponent.

Word must have traveled to Antonio Brown by carrier pigeon because it was not until this past Monday that he responded, to which Paul, who recently boxed fellow YouTube star KSI on DAZN, still sounded ready to go:

Burn. So, could this fight actually happen? I did some digging, and, well, maybe. I’m told DAZN officials are engaged in talks with Logan Paul about staging more events in 2020 and are "actively monitoring" the chatter on social with AB.

Logan Paul outweighs Antonio Brown by about 15 pounds. Nevertheless, given that Brown is a legit professional athlete, I was actually kind of surprised to learn that Paul would be an overwhelming favorite if a fight actually occurs. According to a spokesperson for betonline.ag, Paul would be -2000 and Brown would be +1000. This means that you'd need to be $2,000 to win $100 on Paul, and that a $100 bet on Brown would win $1,000.

I feel kind of icky saying this but unless I had to be at a wedding or something I'd probably carve out the evening to watch this fight.