You Won't Believe How Game 4 of the World Series Ended

Kyle Koster
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays combined to play one of the most bizarre World Series games ever played. Game 4 had it all, from call-and-answer scoring that would make a Lutheran feel right at home, insanely prolific two-out offense, and a final play that belongs in a museum, if solely as a curio.

Think this is an oversell? Let's check in with Buster Olney, a fellow who has seen his fair share of baseball happenings, for his thoughts.

Any truly bizarre performance art deserves a fitting ending. And what went down in the ultimate scene certainly qualifies.

With the Rays trailing 7-6 and down to their final strike, Brett Phillips drove a Kenley Jansen pitch back up the box. Kevin Kiermaier, who was on second, sprinted home easily with the tying run in his back pocket. Centerfielder Chris Taylor booted the ball, inspiring Randy Arozorena, who started from first, to get weird.

Max Muncy's short relay throw did not find its intended target in the form of catcher Will Smith's glove, and the ball trickled far enough away for Arozarena, righteously caught in no-man's land, to scamper in and slap home plate.

It was a sequence of events that requires at least 11 replays and three cigarettes. And it has to have Dodgers fans feeling a bit accursed. After so many close postseason calls, a commanding 3-1 series lead was within their grasp, only to see it fumbled away like a particularly clumsy infomercial protagonist.

Waking up this morning, a person could be forgiven for doubting that it all actually happened and wasn't the result of some fever dream. But, yeah, it very much did.