Today's Wordle Sports Hint and Answer For March 3rd

Stephen Douglas
Detroit Pistons v Charlotte Hornets
Detroit Pistons v Charlotte Hornets / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Yesterday we experimented with a new type of post in hopes of catching the attention of search engines across the globe: Wordle hints and answers. The results were mixed, but we stand by the process. If people are going to continue playing Wordle, eventually they will need sports-related hints. It's basic science.

Wordle 257 Hint

The key to a good hint is saying something that isn't that thing, but that thing you say makes the other person think of the actual thing. See, if I was going to do something with pop culture I would reference an excellent Placebo song form the 90's. No, not the one that appeared on the Cruel Intentions soundtrack. Not that it matters because the word I'm thinking of is a palindrome that wouldn't even make sense.

So I'll just say today's Wordle sports hint of the day is: Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat Center Alonzo...

Today's Wordle Answer for Game 257 on March 7, 2021:

I again started with party because, well, I like to party. The fact that it was not yesterday's word made it much more likely it was today's, but it was not. So then I tried another word with a bunch of different letters. Then I thought, "What's a word that has those two letters, plus some other letters I haven't used? From there I was cooking and the answer because super obvious.

SPOILER ALERT, but why did you click this anyway?

Based on the scale we put in place yesterday, this one qualifies as "tough or tricky." Of course, if I tried a different word to start, I might look like a genius. Alas... better luck tomorrow morning.