Woody Johnson Replies to Brandon Tierney's New York Jets Rant With Incomprehensible Tweet

Ryan Phillips
Woody Johnson, Commonwealth Day Service 2020
Woody Johnson, Commonwealth Day Service 2020 / Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Brandon Tierney has not held back his disdain for the New York Jets this season. As a long suffering fan he's repeatedly come down hard on ownership and management for the team's 0-12 record and failure to develop quarterback Sam Darnold. On Thursday, one of his rants against the franchise drew the attention of a pretty high-profile source: team owner Woody Johnson.

Johnson, the billionaire heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, also happens to be the current U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, so it's surprising Tierney actually got a reaction out of him. Here's what the co-host of Tiki and Tierney said and Johnson's incomprehensible reply:

The replies to Johnson's tweet are hilarious so feel free to dig in there.

Tierney added his own reply:

So that's where we're at. The Jets are stumbling through the worst season in franchise history, management refuses to cut ties with its dumpster fire of a head coach, fans are over it and the owner is posting nonsense on Twitter. That all sounds right about on brand for the J-E-T-S.