Wonder if Rex Burkhead Will Get Any Sleep Tonight


Despite missing six games due to injury, Rex Burkhead arguably had the best season of his career this year. The fifth-year running back gained more than 500 yards from scrimmage and found the end zone eight times for the New England Patriots. But it’s quite possible that he’ll be forever remembered first for something he did in practice. It’s not fair, but it’s sports.

Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network today reported that Burkhead was the player who mysteriously and accidentally injured Tom Brady earlier this week. The resulting gash sent blood spewing everywhere and culminated in four stitches on the most valuable right hand in Boston.

As word of Brady’s injury spread, the experts in Vegas first dropped the line, then took it off the board. Currently it sits at 7. The vast majority of pundits, as well as the public, still believe the Patriots will do what they always do: win.

But the Jacksonville Jaguars’ defense is formidable. And Brady’s physical challenges could be mighty. Outside of that New England locker room, no one really knows. Burkhead, a victim of cruel fate, is suddenly the man with the most on the line tomorrow — and he himself may not even play.

Would love to know how he’s sleeping tonight. Then again, disseminating that type of inside information isn’t The Patriot Way.