Women's World Cup Final Most-Watched Soccer Game in US History, 25.4 Million Viewers

By Jason Lisk

The 1999 Women’s World Cup Final was a seminal event for soccer in this country. It had drama as the scoreless match went to penalty kicks, culminating in Brandi Chastain’s celebration.

Last night’s final didn’t have the end-of-game drama, but it did have early fireworks and anticipation of the USWNT’s long-awaited return to the title. According to Sports TV Ratings, the overnight rating was a record-breaking 15.2. The 2011 Final (also against Japan) had an 8.6 rating, and the 1999 Final was 13.3.


The final numbers: 25.4 million people watched the game, making it the most-watched game in US soccer history. If you factor in the 1.3 million watching on Telemundo, the total surges to 26.7 million.