Woman Loses $1 Million on Bogus Holding Call in CFL Game

Stephen Douglas

A woman lost $1 million on a bad call in a CFL game. Karen Kuldys of Winnipeg was Thursday’s entrant in the Safeway’s Touchdown to Win contest. If two kickoffs are returned for touchdowns in the same game the contestant wins a million dollars. In last night’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers – Toronto Argonauts game, the opening kickoff was run back for a touchdown. Then late in the 2nd quarter, former FAU running back Martese Jackson took one to the house, but it was called back on a bogus penalty.

Unfortunately, an official fell for a dive by gritty fullback Mike Miller. Miller did what he had to do, the touchdown was called back and Toronto ended up settling for a field goal. Winnipeg went on to win, 33-25.

It should also be noted that Jackson did that thing where he threw the ball away as he crossed the goal line. That would have been an even more amazing way to lose a million dollars.

Meanwhile, Kuldys spent her evening fielding calls from news outlets and answering questions about how much it sucks to lose a million dollars. The answer is “a lot.”