Wolf Blitzer and John King Break Down Washington Wizards' Season

Ryan Phillips
Wolf Blitzer and John King break down Wizards matchups
Wolf Blitzer and John King break down Wizards matchups /

The NBA has released the first half of its 2020-21 schedule and the Washington Wizards came up with a fantastic plan to help hype it. The franchise's social media team got CNN star Wolf Blitzer and John King to break down the team's season like they would an election. It was excellent.

Check it out:

Blitzer teeing up Key Matchup Alerts and King working his "magic wall" is, frankly, a perfect way to do this. While it did give me some flashbacks and triggered a bit of PTSD stemming from last month, this was really well done. King discussing "key battleground arenas" and going in depth on teams was a flashback to the breakdowns from each county from November. I reflexively kept waiting for the latest update from Maricopa County.

Blitzer's show, "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" is based in Washington D.C., as are several of CNN's other programs. The Wizards were smart to get the network's talent to support the local team. Maybe we'll see some of them courtside when the NBA finally allows fans back in arenas.

This was a fun way to get hyped for the new NBA season, so kudos to the Wizards for the idea and props to Blitzer and King for being willing to have fun with it.