Wisconsin's Brad Davison Has a History of Dirty Plays and His Latest Cost His Team a Game

Stephen Douglas
Wisconsin v Georgetown
Wisconsin v Georgetown / Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Iowa beat Wisconsin on Monday night, 68-62. It was a one-point game with less than a minute left until Iowa's Joe Wieskamp made a layup with 34 seconds remaining. Officials reviewed the play and assessed a flagrant foul to Wisconsin guard Brad Davison, who took a cheap shot while "fighting" through a Connor McCaffery screen.

It was a dirty play in a crucial moment. Instead of Wisconsin getting the ball back, down three points with more than 30 seconds remaining, Iowa shot two free throws, made one to make it a four point game, and then got the ball back. The low blow basically ended the game for Wisconsin.

So did Davison briefly lose his mind or is he just another guy who can't control his body? Turns out, Davidson has a history of "questionable" plays. Here's a "highlight" package set to some questionable music that really undercuts the seriousness of these dirty plays.