Wisconsin Begs Residents to Not Eat 'Raw Meat Sandwiches' Over the Holidays

Raw hamburger, or "Tiger Meat."
Raw hamburger, or "Tiger Meat." / Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

'Tis the holiday season, so it is time to break out all of our most treasured traditions as a way to celebrate the present by remembering the past. For a refresher on acceptable holiday traditions that are mostly safe, we go to our beloved singing snowman correspondent, Olaf.

You will notice that eating a raw pile of meat garnished with salt, pepper and onions is not mentioned in that catchy children's song. That's because Frozen takes place in the fictitious kingdom of Arendelle and not the very real state of Wisconsin where the Department of Health Services apparently has to go online every year to beg people not to eat "Tiger Meat" or "Cannibal Sandwiches."

I thought this tweet was a joke at first, but nope, here is the actual Facebook post.

Time for our annual reminder that there's one #holiday tradition you need to pass on: raw meat sandwiches, sometimes...

Posted by Wisconsin Department of Health Services on Saturday, December 12, 2020

On Twitter I was greeted by people saying they knew someone (usually an older gentleman from work or family) who did this with some equally weird topping. We may need to re-calibrate how safe it is to tailgate outside Lambeau Field in December or January. A few too many cold brews and people might start pressuring you to eat raw meat. Let's not even consider what this means for the port-a-potties. This is just bananas, which unlike raw meat sandwiches, are safe to consume without cooking.