Wisconsin and Arizona State Had an Ending You Will Never See Again

Stephen Douglas

Joel Stave, the Wisconsin QB, was trying to get the Badgers into position to kick the game-winning field goal in the final minute against Arizona State late Saturday night in the desert. Stave took a snap, attempted to center the ball in the middle of his field for his kicker, but bounced off the butt of one of his lineman.

Inexplicably, as he’s falling down, right after taking the knee, Stave simply puts the ball down on the field. Arizona State then dove on the ball. Stave convinced the referees he gave himself up – and as you can see below, his knee actually touched the ground.

But, the referees permitted the clock run while surprisingly not letting Wisconsin snap the ball. The clock ran out. And Arizona State won, 32-30.

It was weird and confusing and I’m sure it will result in the changing of hundreds of NCAA rules. The referees ran off the field. Everyone was extremely confused (and still is).