The Winklevoss Twins Have a Band, It's as Bad as You're Imagining

Ryan Phillips
The Winklevoss Twins Visit FOX Business' "Mornings With Maria"
The Winklevoss Twins Visit FOX Business' "Mornings With Maria" / Astrid Stawiarz/GettyImages

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are famous for their association with the origins of Facebook and the reported $65 million they got from Mark Zuckerberg as a settlement. The 40-year-old twins are definitely not famous for their musical talent, and now we know why.

The Winklevi have a band called Mars Junction they are really trying to push and it's just never going to happen. Video from a performance a few days ago has surfaced and, I mean, it's as bad as you're thinking it might be. Here they are belting out Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" -- because of course they'd cover that song -- and, well, judge for yourself.

Here they are attempting to cover Rage Against the Machine and no. Just, no.

That's not a band, it's rich guys doing bad cruise ship karaoke.

Of course, this performance came just days after the brothers laid off 10 percent of the staff at their cryptocurrency trading hub Gemini. So apparently they're not feeling too beat up about it all.