Wilt Chamberlain Had a Lot of Sex According to Math

Stephen Douglas

Wilt Chamberlain’s birthday was August 21st. He would have been 76 this year. Wilt Chamberlain once claimed to have had sex with 20,000 women – a very exact number that was probably accurate at that time. Ever wonder how many women he would have had to have slept with to make that number true? I’ve racked my brain and can’t come up with anything, but luckily The Atlantic did the math for us.

If Wilt started at the age of 15, from then up to the age of 55 (when the book was published) he would have had 40 years to sleep with 20,000 women, or 500 different women a year-easy math.

That works out to roughly 1.4 women a day

Wow. That’s a busy guy when it comes to getting busy. Am I right? It might not be that simple though.

A close childhood friend, Tom Fitzhugh, said, “I don’t remember him having a date. He was probably a virgin when he left high school.” So let us assume Wilt really started around the age of 18, which ups the average to 1.5 women per day for 37 years.

Woah. Wilt Chamberlain just went from banging 1.4 women per day to 1.5 women per day. Now it seems impossible!

Additionally, he did have a six-month schedule, for 14 seasons, of playing professional basketball. That’s 82 games a season, not including playoffs, exhibitions, practices, and travel time.

So Wilt was not having sex while he was practicing or participating in a playoff game. Incredible stuff. To review: Wilt Chamberlain had sex with as few as 1.4 women per day on average and as many as 1.5 women per day on average. Try and wrap your mind around those numbers! That’s what Wilt probably said! [SI]