Willson Contreras Grabbed Max Muncy's Junk on a Wild Pitch

Ryan Phillips
Willson Contreras grabs Max Muncy
Willson Contreras grabs Max Muncy /

The Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers are facing off on Sunday Night Baseball and a really weird thing happened. During a fourth inning at-bat, Cubs catcher Willson Contreras grabbed Dodgers third baseman Max Muncy in the crotch while chasing a wild pitch thrown by Justin Steele. Yeah, that actually happened.

Check this out:

Muncy needed a minute to gather himself after that encounter.

Was it intentional? I mean, it sure looks like it. I'm not sure how Contreras' right hand could get to that spot while also appearing to grab Muncy unless it was on purpose.

That's pretty dirty and I wouldn't be surprised if the MLB league office has a chat with Contreras after reviewing the tape.

Muncy wound up walking and the Dodgers scored two runs in the inning to take a 2-1 lead.