Willson Contreras Made a Sound While Swinging Very Hard and It Pissed Madison Bumgarner Off

Eric Espada/GettyImages

Notorious redass Madison Bumgarner is still pitching for the Arizona Diamondbacks and got the start on the hill this afternoon against the St. Louis Cardinals. Everything was going fine until the bottom of the third when Willson Contreras came to the plate in a 3-3 game.

While fouling a mistake pitch back with a mighty hack, Contreras had the audacity to make a noise. Bumgarner didn't much care for that so he told the hitter to shut the heck up before being informed that, no, he was the one that should shut the heck up.

The at-bat concluded with a bases-empty walk, which Contreras celebrated with unusual flair.

Look, it's sort of impossible to be on Bumgarner's side here but I'll do him the courtesy of explaining why he was upset. It wasn't the healthy hack, it was the sound effect. Amateur lip-reading suggests that he believes a batter loses the right to verbally bemoaning missing a fat one because that's not his problem. He's certainly not right but he's also not alone in that stance among his pitching brethren.

Here's hoping there are no further stupid incidents because we almost had a real pickle with the pitch clock. What happens to it if there's a fight or verbal altercation? We're all learning on the fly here.