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MLB Network's Piece Celebrating Willie Mays at 90 is Magnificent

Kyle Koster
Kidwiler Collection/Getty Images

Willie Mays turns 90 today. He is one of the best baseball players to ever put on a uniform. He played the game with panache and flair and all the joy of a child in a sandlot. He was a five-tool player who conquered both coasts, a modern-day explorer who shined from sea to shining sea, making an unbelievable 24 All-Star teams while hitting 660 home runs and accumulating the third-most total bases in baseball history.

Mays was a giant who stood 5-foot-10 and weighed 170 pounds. He played at least 150 games in 13 consecutive years. He was ahead of his time as an athlete, patrolling centerfield with grace and style and ease.

Tom Verducci put together an essay celebrating the legend's accomplishments both on and off the diamond for MLB Network and it is extremely enjoyable. Voiced by Danny Glover, it tells the story of a born leader with an effervescent smile. We highly recommend sinking into it.