Will There Really Be Sports in the Fall?

MLB Mask
MLB Mask / Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

The return of America's biggest sports is edging closer. MLB is announcing its schedule tonight. The NBA is starting up July 30, the NHL shortly before. The first date for NFL teams to report to training camp is July 28. College football activities will be ramping up around the same time.

But there has been little to celebrate as those dates grow near. Baseball is already bungling its first coronavirus tests. NFL players still don't know what the league is planning to do to keep them safe when they do start up training camp. The NBA bubble in Orlando is in the middle of the country's biggest COVD-19 hotspot. Pushing college football from the fall to the spring is becoming a stronger possibility with the news each day brings.

TBL's Brian Giuffra and Liam McKeone discussed the latest developments in the newest episode of TBL Scope. Topics include how optimistic they are that there will, indeed, be sports in the fall, ranking how each league is handling the unprecedented set of circumstances, the pros and cons of a spring CFB season, how MLB managed to make mistakes this earlier, and more.