Will Rick Pitino Survive Louisville's Prostitute Scandal?

By Jason McIntyre

The Louisville prostitution scandal is a difficult one to decipher because there are so many layers to it. Did Rick Pitino know someone on his staff was getting his players prostitutes? Did the players know they were paying hookers for sex?

I’m one to never believe coaches who play the “I had no idea” card, and that sort of applies here: Of course Rick Pitino had to know players/recruits were being entertained by women. It happens in football too, under the guise of “hostesses.” Here, it’s more complicated: Did Pitino ever ask McGee what was going on, or was it a, “don’t tell me what I don’t want to hear?”

Ultimately, Pitino could be undone because of one fact: The negative recruiting that will go on. How is he going to walk into a living room and sell parents on his program, and being a leader of men … when he a) cheated on his wife and the other woman attempted to extort him and b) had an assistant coach getting his players hookers?