Will Levis Randomly Shows Support For Pete Rose

Finally, someone willing to talk about Pete Rose.


This is the Internet, so we're used to seeing completely random things that have stopped surprising us. I mean, last week Britney Spears ran up on Victor Wembanyama in a Las Vegas casino and was physically rebuffed by NBA security. That's incredibly random, yet somehow not as random as Will Levis' Instagram story this morning where he showed support for Pete Rose's Hall of Fame candidacy. Levis added that caption to this video of the Tennessee Titans second round draft pick working out in a Rose jersey.

Why would any 24-year old in the world who isn't related to Pete Rose have any opinion on this? Levis is from New England, having been born in Massachusetts and grown up in Connecticut. The closest connection appears to be the went to college in Pennsylvania and Kentucky, which both border Ohio.

It seems much more likely that someone like Levis would have a strong opinion on LeBron versus Michael Jordan or perhaps Patrick Mahomes' standing in NFL history.

But to so randomly and stridently stan for Pete Rose has to have something to do with gambling. Perhaps it's a way to show support for all the NFL players who were recently suspended for gambling. Or maybe he's just a big Arrested Development fan. Whatever Levis' motivation for standing up for Pete Rose in 2023, it's random enough to warrant noting in an extremely random era.