Will Ferrell Stole Greg Olsen's Identity, Joined the Seahawks' Virtual Meeting


NFL teams, like your company's accounting firm, are meeting virtually to go over some stuff in the hopes a season exists over the murky horizon. This proves big-boy football can be as boring an enterprise as the average job and that the occasional morale boost is required. So what does a team do when they can't put cake out in the break room?

They have the head coach call an old buddy to do improv. It helps an awful lot if that person is internationally renowned comedian Will Ferrell, who has a relationship with Pete Carroll dating back to the USC days.

Ferrell hopped on the call in his best Greg Olsen disguise which, to my eye consisted of little more than saying hey, I'm Greg Olsen and gave the fellas a brief thrill.

One thing that's become abundantly clear during shutdown is just how essential a laughtrack is to the process. This was objectively a humorous act done by one of the funniest people on the planet and yet the relative silence made it feel as though it was dying on the vine.

One wonders where half-interest-offensive-meeting-room falls on the scale of tough crowds. My gut says somewhere between a riverfront jazz festival and a between-games-of-a-minor-league-doubleheader gig.