Will Cain Drops Football Pass Live on FOX News

Will Cain can't catch.
Will Cain can't catch. /

FOX News sent Will Cain to Florida to cover the Super Bowl, which we can report will take place at 6:30pm on Sunday. For FOX it must have been a no-brainer to send Cain, who spent multiple years at ESPN. On Friday morning Cain visited a Tampa diner to find the next viral news clip subject and he himself ended up finding himself. Skip to the end of the second video to see Cain call for the pigskin and drop it on live television.

Man, that's embarrassing. The entire crowd was laughing at him like he didn't once co-host a sports talk radio show with Ryen Russillo. If Cain was hoping to get an invite to the next MTV Rock N' Jock football game, this is not going to help. Maybe the worst part of the entire clip was that Cain did not sacrifice his body to recover the fumble. Instead another patron picked the ball up and now that guy gets to host FOX & Friends Weekends.

Sorry, those are the rules.