Will Antonio Brown Play in Week 1? [UPDATE]

Liam McKeone

Antonio Brown was very unhappy about the Oakland Raiders fining him and voiding all of the guaranteed money in his contract. So unhappy that he asked for his release via Instagram. It’s a remarkable saga, one that somehow keeps stretching the edges of our imagination.

While Brown’s release may be imminent, the Raiders aren’t under any pressure to make a decision quickly. Thus, the question remains: what will happen if Brown is still a Raider come Monday night?

Will Antonio Brown play in Week 1?

Brown certainly isn’t planning on it. He emailed ESPN’s Jeff Darlington to express his intention to sit out after his money was voided.

Of course, we’ve gone back and forth on this all week, and each day brings a new piece of news that makes us all lean the oppposite way of our previous thinking.

We’ll update if and when more information becomes available, but for now, it seems quite likely we won’t be seeing him suit up against the Denver Broncos.

UPDATE: The Raiders have announced they released Antonio Brown. He won’t be playing in Week 1.

UPDATE 2: The New England Patriots have signed Antonio Brown, but Brown is ineligible to take the field in Week 1. He’ll suit up for New England in Week 2.