Will a Picture of a Customized Taylor Swift Jersey Lead the U.S. to a Victory Over England?

Kyle Koster
Tommaso Boddi/GettyImages

Thanks to Iran's late charge against Wales, the United States does not have its back as firmly against the wall as previously thought today against England. A tie would be fantastic, and a close loss would not be fatal. But they could go out there and win somehow to make things easier on themselves. We all know the chances of that are quite slim. All we can do is wish and hope. And enlist the social engagement of Taylor Swift, who received the priceless gift of a photoshopped customized jersey with her name on it courtesy of the team's official Twitter account earlier this morning.

Why even play the game? The last time the British were this nervous General Hohn Burgoyne was being surrounded at Saratoga. And the Swifites are far more organized than a bunch of farmers and framers.

Is this move thirsty as hell? Of course. Yet desperate times call for desperate measures.