Why the Chiefs Aren't Dead Yet After Patrick Mahomes Injury

Ryan Glasspiegel
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It felt truly devastating when Patrick Mahomes, the most electrifying man in sports, went down with a knee injury in Denver on Thursday night. However, there are a couple reasons for Chiefs fans not to despair. For one, Mahomes could be back in as soon as three weeks if everything looks clean on his MRI. Secondly, Andy Reid has done a great job with backup quarterbacks before.

Let's first go back to 2002: Donovan McNabb broke his ankle while the Eagles were 7-3 and the season looked doomed. Koy Detmer came in, and Philly won his first start, but then he went down with a dislocated elbow. The team then proceeded to go 4-1 with third-stringer AJ Feeley. Fast-forward to 2013, when Michael Vick injured his hamstring, and the world was introduced to Nick Foles. The Eagles went 8-2 in his starts.

The Chiefs are 5-2 right now and have two-win cushion over the 3-2 Raiders in the AFC West. Behind them are the Chargers at 2-4 and Broncos at 2-5. It remains conceivable that this Mahomes injury is a speedbump in Kansas City's season, especially if Mahomes is able to return by Thanksgiving. But even if he can't, whether it is up to Matt Moore or a player to be named later I wouldn't write off Reid's ability to make the best of the team's backup quarterback situation.