Why Doesn't Stephen Curry Get All the Foul Calls a 2-Time MVP Deserves?

Stephen Douglas

Stephen Curry is an NBA Champion and 2-time MVP, but does he get the respect he so deserves? Definitely not from his jealous peers, but surely from the league and their referees, right? The follow video compilation of missed foul calls on Curry suggest otherwise.

Stephen Curry finished tied for 36th in the NBA in free throw attempts per game – the second most of his career. He tied for 12th in field goal attempts per game and was 11th in usage percentage.

10 of 18.3 field goal attempts are 3-pointers. There is just going to be less contact. Kyrie Irving has a similar USG% and takes a higher percentage 2’s, but shoots the same number of free throws. John Wall has a similar USG% and takes a much higher percentage of 2’s. He was rewarded 2.2 more free throws a night. Coincidence!?

Just last month Wall complained about not getting the calls he thought he should. So it seems like until we finally make the switch to robot umpires, we will never have perfect officials these guys deserve. Which means nobody will get all the calls they want. And they also won’t get phantom calls like this one from December.

Maybe Stephen Curry – who is about to get paid – is victim to the same bad officiating as every other player in the NBA. We just don’t have compilations of all of them. Yet.