Why Does Michigan Wear Pink Shoes?

Ryan Phillips

The Michigan Wolverines are making a run in the NCAA Tournament for the third season in a row. This year there’s something different about the boys in maize and blue: some of them have decided to wear their Jordan brand shoes in pink, instead of one of their normal colors.

The story behind the fashion choice is actually pretty simple. The entire team wore the pink shoes for the team’s February 16 home game against Maryland to support breast cancer awareness. Some of the players have just decided to stick with them.

The only starter who hasn’t been wearing the pink shoes is Charles Matthews. Zavier SimpsonIgnas BrazdeikisJon Teske and Jordan Poole have all opted to go with them.

The shoes are from Chris Paul’s “CP3” line under the Jordan umbrella.

Teske said the following about the kicks:

"“They’re very comfy. They’re one of the better shoes we’ve gotten.”"

Poole agreed:

"“They’re extremely comfortable.”"

Poole also claimed Michigan’s players aren’t allowed to express much creativity and the shoe choice gives them that ability.

Other players gave various other reasons, such as superstition, or the fact that they stand out, or are just broken in perfectly at this point.

So the players all have their own reasons for wearing the pink shoes, but they certainly stand out on the court.