Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain Don't Care That the Other Doesn't Care

Stephen Douglas
Whoopi and Meghan McCain.
Whoopi and Meghan McCain. /

Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain had another confrontational exchange on The View. This time it was kicked off by a discussion about President Joe Biden's incident with a CNN reporter that ended with Biden apologizing. In about 30 seconds it went from zero to you can't triple-stamp a double-stamp. Here's the clip.

To summarize that, Goldberg was just happy to see the president apologize for something and McCain interrupted to say she doesn't care. Which led to Goldberg saying she doesn't care that McCain doesn't care. And then McCain said she didn't care that Goldberg didn't care and it ended with Whoopi saying, "Good Meghan, then you can be how you always are."

This must be exactly the kind of discussion Barbara Walters envisioned back in the 90's.

Whoopi Goldberg Doesn't Care That Meghan McCain Doesn't Care And Meghan McCain Doesn't Care That Whoopi Goldberg Doesn't Care