Who Would Win in a Fight Between Stan Verrett and Neil Everett?

Kyle Koster

There's a newborn in my home and that means more time than usual is being spent in a semi-lucid state during the overnight hours. Anyone who has been in this situation knows that television consumed during this period can blur together and it's hard to follow the plot. So my first reaction to what was happening at the top of the West Coast SportsCenter was a groggy acceptance that whatever was happening on the screen wasn't really happening but instead an altered and foggy figment of my imagination.

It appears, though, that Bruce Buffer announcing the entrance of co-anchors Stan Verrett and Neil Everett is very much a thing that actually happened.

And, hey, cross-promotion is a fine and necessary thing. If you can't have fun presenting the day's sports highlights, what hope is there for the future?

Re-watching it, I'm struck at how much non-verbal acting work is being done by Verrett and Everett. The former is really projecting an aura of tough-guy strength. The latter appears to be trying not to break, like a freshman SNL cast member.

Anyway, a more interesting way to kick things off than standard introductions.