Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik to Host 'Jeopardy' for Rest of Year

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Identifying and elevating Alex Trebek's successor has turned into a slow-moving public disaster for the Jeopardy! franchise and the intrigue will carry over into 2022 as Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will alternate hosting duties through the end of the year. The search for a permanent host will continue in the wake up Mike Richards' Scaramucciesque tenure. TMZ was first to report the show would not be returning to its previously scheduled program or revolving hosts.

Per multiple reports, Bialik is still the frontrunner and Jennings is not thought to be a serious contender to earn the job long-term. Personal mileage will vary but it does seem from the outside that prolonging this sort of purgatory will only keep the storyline in the news. One could argue that any press is good press and that it'd be disastrous to further screw this thing up.

But until there's an official passing of the torch into a capable hand, the ghost of Richards is going to be lingering around the set and viewer's televisions. Ceasing to put new people in the mix for another round of tryouts, one figures the prospective field chasing Bialik for the job is quite small. It could get larger, of course, if the Green Bay Packers are under .500 come season's end.

Stranger things have happened, though the whole Jeopardy ordeal has been pretty bizarre on its own to this point.