Who Are the Other Guys in O.J. Simpson's Fantasy Football League?

Kyle Koster

O.J. Simpson is a free man and is enjoying internet access like the rest of us. Twitter has stoked his interest in a significant way and he’s a very active user of the platform, which must surely delight the bigwigs out in Silicon Valley. A ringing endorsement if we’ve ever heard one.

Most of his content is fantasy football-related and, if it were coming from a guy not named O.J. Simpson, it’d be pretty decent. But it is coming from Simpson, who has some decent baggage when it comes to his Q Score.

Apparently, the former running back who is also known for other things, had a draft last night and selected Andrew Luck, only to have the Colts quarterback retire a few hours later, setting the stage for this content:

Now, okay, not what you want to see if you’re Luck. Not what you want to see if you’re anyone.

Of the many questions that should come to a person’s mind while viewing this is: who are these other fellas who are in a fantasy football league with Simpson? What collection of individuals surveyed the landscape, considered things, and thought, yeah, this is something I’ll do.

How does that conversation go? Is Simpson taking the reins and acting as a commissioner or are leagues reaching out on spec to see if they can spice things up?

The mind races. The stomach does flips.

I’m way too nervous to explore this avenue myself, but if there’s a braver assignment editor out there locally, this would be quite an answer to track down.