Which Television Personality Does Allen Iverson Hate?

Kyle Koster
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Allen Iverson had pointed words for an unnamed television personality — not Skip Bayless and not who you think it is — which he shared on the All the Smoke podcast. Words that will surely launch some detective work due to their ferocity.

Because The Answer doesn't hate anyone. But he hates this guy. A lot, it seems.

"There's guy, I know you know who I'm talking to, I know you hate me and trust me, I don't hate nobody, yes I do," Iverson said. "I hate you. They way you hate me, motherf--ker, I hate you too. The feeling is so mutual."

Iverson didn't mention the name. He did mention that he also hates this person's daddy. Again. It isn't who you think it is.

You know what, after doing some cursory Googling, I think the intended target is quite clear. But if it's not who I think it is, then it can't be this guy. Dang it. The truth is out there ... somewhere.

This is a dynamite new content strategy for Iverson. Leverage the nickname into a serialized blind items that gets the people hunting.