Which College Has Won the Most Heisman Trophies?

2022 Heisman Trophy Presentation
2022 Heisman Trophy Presentation / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The 2023 college football season is right around the corner as teams across the country begin to ramp up. We have a relatively rare occurrence this season, where a reigning Heisman Trophy winner will be back to defend his crown. USC quarterback Caleb Williams won the 2022 award, with 544 first place votes to TCU quarterback Max Duggan's 188. Williams' win gave USC another Heisman Trophy winner, but which college lays claim to having the most Heismans? The answer might surprise you.

OK, so we hinted at it above. Williams' win in 2022 gave USC its eighth Heisman Trophy winner, which is the most of all-time. The Trojans who have won the award are as follows:

Caleb Williams, 2022
Reggie Bush, 2005 (later vacated)
Matt Leinart, 2004
Carson Palmer, 2002
Marcus Allen, 1981
Charles White, 1979
O.J. Simpson, 1968
Mike Garrett, 1965

Williams' win broke a logjam in first place, as Ohio State, Oklahoma and Notre Dame each boast seven winners. In a quirk, Ohio State has only had six different players win the award, as Archie Griffin is the only man to win it twice.

Ohio State's six winners are listed below:

Troy Smith, 2006
Eddie George, 1995
Archie Griffin, 1974, 1975
Howard Cassady, 1955
Vic Janowicz, 1950
Les Horvath, 1944

Oklahoma's seven winners are below:

Kyler Murray, 2018
Baker Mayfield, 2017
Sam Bradford, 2008
Jason White, 2003
Billy Sims, 1978
Steve Owens, 1969
Billy Vessels, 1952

Notre Dame's seven winners are as follows:

Tim Brown, 1987
John Huarte, 1964
Paul Hornung, 1956
Johnny Lattner, 1953
Leon Hart, 1949
Johnny Lujack, 1947
Angelo Bartelli, 1943

Time will tell if USC will be unseated in this particular arena.